About - Nina McKitty Photography


      Neither my husband Bill nor I knew how much his wedding gift of a digital camera would impact my life.

    I see myself as a visual author whose aim is to create an ongoing journal of unexpected moments. I hope to evoke a sense of serenity and wonder.

    I think the advances in the technology and the craft of digital photography have created a new medium which I enjoy exploring and adding to my body of work.

     I work in the field, wherever that may be, and in my studio. Shooting in the field tends to be opportunistic; I keeps my senses open and sensitive to my surroundings. While studio shooting, I visualize the image and feeling I hope to project, and then aim my camera at that vision.

    Each of my images is comprised of one or more of my photographs. I shoot with a Canon Rebel camera and print on a Canon Pro printer using archival papers.

     Self taught, I continue to experiment with lighting, shooting techniques, combining images, adding textures and printing on different papers.

Other Activities


     Metropolitan Museum of Art

     New York, NY


     Capricorn Caprice


     Member & Elected Artist

     Kent Art Association

     Kent, Ct

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