Neither my husband Bill nor I knew how much his wedding gift of a digital camera would impact my life. 

I sometimes work in the field, wherever that may be. Such shooting tends to be opportunistic; I keep my senses open and sensitive to my surroundings. 

I think of myself, however, as a studio shooter. My usual process is to first create an image in my mind, working out the composition, color, lighting and background prior to a shoot. I then use my camera to capture what was imagined.

Flowers are my favorite subjects. My approach is similar to one used for portraiture. My aim is to find the unique beauty, mood and character of my models. Although I appreciate the botany of my subjects, I strive to bring the flower out of its typical surroundings and to focus the loveliness not usually seen.

The changes in the craft of digital photography, as well as advances in technology, have created an ever-evolving art form that I enjoy exploring and adding to my body of work. Each of my images is comprised of one or more of my photographs. I shoot with a Canon Rebel camera and print on a Canon Pro printer using archival inks and papers. I continue to experiment with lighting, shooting techniques, combining images, adding textures and printing on different papers.


Other Activities


     Metropolitan Museum of Art

     New York, NY


     Capricorn Caprice


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