About - Nina McKitty Photography


      Neither Nina nor her husband Bill knew how  much his wedding gift of a digital camera would impact her life. Nina sees herself as a visual author whose aim is to create an ongoing journal of unexpected moments.

     Each of her images is comprised of one or more of her  photographs. Nina creates most of the textures and overlays she uses. She shoots with a Canon Rebel and produces archival prints on a Canon Pro printer.

     Nina works in the field, wherever that may be, and in her studio. Shooting in the field tends to be opportunistic; she keeps her senses open and is sensitive to her surroundings. While studio shooting, she visualizes the image and feeling she hopes to project, and then aims her camera at that vision.

     Self taught, Nina continues to experiment with lighting, shooting techniques, combining images, adding textures and printing on different papers.

Other Activities


     Metropolitan Museum of Art

     New York, NY


     Capricorn Caprice



     Kent Art Association

     Kent, Ct

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